For over 25 years, persons like yourself from all over the world have been turning to Randy Sutton for help. He has even served as a mentor and teacher to many other doctors and practitioners. Utilizing his expertise in Anatomy, Physiology, Quantum Physics (energetics of the body on a cellular level), and Emotions, coupling it with his vast years of training and experience, he is able to offer a fresh, unique perspective on each situation (See “Credentials” page for a more detailed list of his training). This perspective, along with a firm grasp on advanced EDS technologies, allows him to find imbalances in your body’s energy.


In this way, our approach helps our clients to achieve a desirable state of health and well-being by approaching wellness from new perspective. We do not claim to treat disease or aim to take the place of your medical care physician. Yet, by using digitally imprinted homeopathic signals (not your grandmother’s homeopathy), completely customized and specific to your current imbalances, we can help tyour body restore and maintain its energy on all levels. This will allow your body to perform its natural process of repair as quickly as possible. Isn’t that a wonderful concept?



Training and Certifications

Electro Dermal Screening
Guidelines established by the American Association of Acupunture and Bioenergetic
Certifying agencies include:
Institute of Quantum and Molecular Medicine
IW Lone College of Integratve Medicine
American Association of Acupuncture and BioEnergetic Medicine

ElectroDermal Detection
Trained under Dr. Speckhart Medical Syllabus* of the following:
Cellular Degeneration
Infectious Disease

Biofeedback Training
Approved by the American Psychological Association offered continued education for psychologists

International Meta Medicine Association/German New Medicine
META (European Psychology): Practioner Level
German New Medicine: Practioner Level
What It Is: These disciplines explore the physical and chemical adaptive response to emotional and traumatic events

Taught by Dr. Bodine-an associate to Dr. Bernard Jensen (father of Modern Iridology)

Jin Shin Jyutsa
Predates acupunture.
One of only 2300 trained in this discipline (at the time of certification)

Cranio Sacral Therapy: Basic and Advanced
Trained by the Upledger Institute, Inc.
What It Is: This is a method of the cranial/cerebral fluid throughout the body that nourishes and replenishes the nervous system

Neuromuscular Therapy
Specializing in the following:
Cervical Injuries
Postural Analysis
Pelvic Stabilization
TMJ Dysfunction
Upper Torso
Spinal Column and Extremities
Pain mechanisms of the lower back (Neuromuscular)
Cranial Decomposition

Master Training: Herbalist

International Certification:Reflexology

Nationally Certified: Massage Therapy

*One of under 12 people trained individually under Dr. Speckhart (medical oncologist for over 52 years)** at the time of certification.
Special Note: I do not treat cancer directly or work with cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy

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