Functional Biofeedback

What Is Functional Biofeedback?

Everything in existence is energy. Medicine recognizes we are electromagnetic beings and has a long-standing tradition of using diagnostic machines. MRI machines work with magnetic energy. Ultrasound machines use high frequency sound energy. EKGs are an electronic representation of what is in the heart. EEGs are an electronic representation of what is in the brain. Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) technology uses biofeedback to determine where imbalances of energy are in a person. This concept was first discovered by Dr. Reinhold Voll, a german MD in the late 1940’s.


As a person moves away from a healthy state, their energy levels are the first things to be affected. This is when symptoms arise, due to a decreased energy level in a specific area of the body (for example if the energy is low near or in a specific organ, area of cells, tissue, etc). What does this have to do with the body’s function? A decreased level of energy in any part of the body can lead to a functional disturbance. A functional disturbance may not always present itself by means of visible damage to an organ, tissues, or cells in the body. However, they can be warning signs that may indicate that damage could occur in the future if the energy imbalance is not restored.
In order for your body to function at optimum levels, you need to have the proper amount of energy flowing through the different channels. Dr.Voll found a way to measure the energy at acupuncture points on the body. He would use this information in determining what homeopathic would be the most effective.  It was very simplistic but he got results.


How Can It Help Me?

Since the late 40’s, technology has made huge advances and EDS has jumped light years forward. Dr. Voll would test a point, get his reading, have the person hold a remedy and retest.  If this was a good choice, the energy of the acupuncture point would balance. Now we use a biofeedback device and a very advanced computer program to do the same thing, in a fraction of the time. The person doesn’t have to hold the remedy. EDS has made it possible to digitize thousands of homeopathic signals. These signals are stored in the computer database. When we screen a person, the device sends the signals, your body receives them and we get a reading on how your body’s energy levels responded almost instantly.

At this point, an experienced practitioner analyzes the findings to determine the correct combination. The EDS machine has thousands of built in formulas. In a session, we might go thru 1,000 of them, all of this with the intended purpose of balancing the energy.

Digitized Formulas: What Are They?

The device that I use has the capability of transmitting the frequencies that were found to be beneficial into a bottle. This is called imprinting. Not all machines do this. The technology used to do this is simpler than the technology used to take a picture on a cell phone and transmit it thousands of miles away. Most people don’t question or doubt that this works. The same is true of the EDS. Getting into a more detailed explanation of this technology would only serve to confuse you.  I can just tell you that the machine does its job and it does it very well.
Digitized Homeopathic Signals and Electro Dermal Screening work very well together. We encourage you to give them a try!


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