Perception Reframing

What is Perception Reframing?

Our reality is made up of life experiences which shape and alter our perception of the world around us. Our perception is what drives us to make decisions on both a conscious and subconscious level.
There are a lot of perceptions which keep us from reaching our full potential. Perception reframing is a technique used to deal with repeated negative behavior, weight problems, addictions, work or athletic performance, post-traumatic stress, relationship problems, chronic pain, and more. It enables us to see a performance issue, a circumstance, an opportunity, a problem, or a relationship in a different way.

In a Zyto EVOX session, the primary input and feedback comes from the voice. The person can speak on any topic. The EVOX listens over multiple octaves, and then plots your voice energy across one octave (or 12 zones). Each of the 12 zones corresponds to a musical note. We record not the words used, but the energy (or notes) of the voice, and generate a visual representation of their perception as it pertains to the topic discussed.  This visual representation is called a Perception Index or PI for short.


Every Perception Index (PI) is topic specific. Excess voice energy indicates personal perception of the topic. Click on the graphic below to view a sample PI.

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Perception Index Zones
1.    Unacknowledged
2.    Repetitive Thinking
3.    Depression
4.    Emotionally Disconnected
5.    Self Critical
6.    Conditional Love
7.    Anger
8.    Fearful and Overwhelmed
9.    Suppressed Emotions
10.    Unworthy / Undeserving
11.    Rigid Beliefs
12.    Conflicting Beliefs

How it Works

There are two types of reframing methods that can be used during a session: Topic Specific and Trans-generational

Both methods can produce amazing results. The purpose of Trans-generational Perception Reframing is to “reframe” or change your perception of yourself and the things around you by discovering, and releasing past perceptions, and breaking the genetic inertia associated with them. This type of reframing is typically only done once, but can result in quicker shifting patterns in the future.

Topic Specific reframing can be done in regards to any topic: work, relationships, athletic performance, anxiety, depression and even more. Our goal during one of these sessions is to achieve a shift in a person’s perception, which can be seen in the visual representation on the screen. So whether you’re trying to improve your golf swing, work ethic, or relationship quality, the EVOX may be for you!

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