Virtual Appointments

Scheduling Appointments

Prior to your appointment, you will need to purchase a cradle.  The cradle will be shipped from the manufacturer in Utah.

The program that we use connects to, and communicates with this hand-shaped cradle via USB cord that attaches to a computer. The beauty of this device and program is that they are able to connect and communicate with each other via the internet. This is how we are able to scan you wherever you are!


Appointment Prices (USA + International Customers)

Initial Visit (35-45 Minutes): $160: This is for first-time clients, or those who have not been seen in 6 months or longer.

Moderate Follow-up (15-30 Minutes) $80: This is a follow-up from initial visit and readjustment of original remedies

Complex Follow-Up (30-45 Minutes) $115: This is a readjustment of old remedies + 1 new issue. This is also an initial visit time slot for child (newborn to 3 years)

Auto Scan (10-15 Minutes) $50 (1 bottle is included in the price): A scan of your choice* which will be conducted by a staff member. No explanations will be given during or after a session (since the practitioner is not involved), but a report will be generated and emailed.

Setting Up: All New Instructions Available!

Our virtual appointment program has received an update! Setting up is now easier than ever and no longer requires the use of a username and password. Watch the video below to learn how to set up your cradle. There are also written instruction available for download; simply click the download button below:

Download Now

Interested in Buying a Cradle?

Many of our clients are finding it advantageous to purchase a cradle to keep for themselves and their family. This allows them to schedule regular appointments with us whenever they need it (as time in our schedule permits). If you are interested in purchasing a cradle for your family, give us a call at (732) 979-2525

Cradles Are Also Available For Rent!

Purchasing a cradle is not a small investment. If you are unsure about buying a cradle, why not rent one for your next appointment? Set up is fast and easy, and we offer instructions and technical support to get you up and running. Familiarizing yourself with this process can help you decide if virtual appointments are right for you! If you are interested in renting a cradle, call our office for more details!

Reusing Your Old Bottles

Save yourself the cost of shipping by reusing bottles from previous sessions. For instructions on how to do this, click the button below!

*the scan must be able to be completed within a 10-15 minute period. Please inform us of which scan you would like at the time your appointment is scheduled so that we can assess if the auto scan time slot would be appropriate for you.

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